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Caversham Nursery School
Caversham Nursery School is a Nursery Mixed school in Reading. Donate your BetterPoints to the school to help their fundraising.
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Launchpad Reading

Launchpad (formerly Reading Single Homeless Project) - A second chance for people in Reading We’ve all made poor decisions, had bad luck or made mistakes. Most of the time we’re able to shrug them off and get on with life. But it’s not always easy to get back on a stable path. That’s why Launchpad exists: to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Reading turn things around. Providing positive support We believe everyone deserves a second chance. That includes our clients, who need positive support to get a roof over their head, skills to live independently and confidence to get into employment.

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Reading Bicycle Kitchen
A bicycle kitchen is a community bike project that provides a space where cyclists can get access to workstands and good quality tools, along with experienced mechanics to help them do everything on their bike from simple maintenance to a complete rebuild. If you have a bike that needs attention and don't stock a range of tools at home (who does?!) then come and see us and we can help you to do a variety of work. If you know what you're doing then we will leave you to it, but if you need our help then just ask and one of our volunteers will show you what to do and get you going.
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Sport in Mind

Sport in Mind is a Berkshire charity formed in 2011 to use sport and physical activity to help improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems.

One-in-four of us in the United Kingdom will be affected by a mental health problem this year, despite this, there is still a tremendous amount of stigma attached to this type of illness. At Sport In Mind we use sport not only to aid recovery from illness, but also to raise mental health awareness and challenge the associated stigma. 

Benefits of Sport on Mental Health

For years it has been common knowledge that playing sport is beneficial to one's physical health, however, many people are unaware of the positive effect it can have on ones mental health. Extensive research into mental illness has shown us that individuals participating in regular sporting activities have reduced levels of anxiety, improvements in mood and increased self-esteem.

Sport in Mind provides weekly drop-in sports sessions across Berkshire where participants can join in for as little or as long as they like. Anyone experiencing mental illness is welcome to attend regardless of age (18+), sex, fitness levels or ability. As well as our weekly activities we also offer regular taster sessions in a variety of other sports. There really is a sport out there for everyone.

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The Cycle-Smart Foundation
Cycle-Smart is an award winning child cyclist's safety charity. The Trust was founded in 1998 by a paediatric nurse who through her work saw the devastation that head injury can cause not only to the child but to the whole family. Since its conception the charity has grown in its drive and commitment to be an advocate for the child and young person. It also provides a community service by highlighting the need of safer cycling practices that incorporate the distinctive needs of children and young people. The charity is a national resource working with parents, teachers, police, road safety officers, Government departments,healthcare professionals and children themselves by promoting and providing educational programmes in schools on the need for helmet use and safer cycling practice throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Helmets have been shown to be effective in reducing potential injury to a young cyclist's head/brain in the event of a fall or impact with an object. Brain injury is devastating and we believe it is not worth leaving it to chance.
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