Earn 5,000 BetterPoints and complete our end of programme survey

01 August 2017

Thanks for participating in BikeSmart Reading.

Almost 600 of you have been tracking your cycling in Reading, that's amazing!

We want to thank you with another chance to earn more BetterPoints by completing our short end of programme survey.   

The survey will help us understand travel habits in the town and shape future reward programmes for users.

To qualify for the 5,000 points you must have participated in the BikeSmart Reading programme from 1st March-31st July. You will have 3 weeks to complete the survey and it closes on August 21st, once the survey is closed we will reward you with 5,000 BetterPoints by 31st August. You only need to complete the survey once to receive your points.

In the meantime, we will still continue to reward you for cycling at 100 points per eligible journey in August and we will review the rewards regularly.  

It's really important that you complete this short survey (so we can evaluate the success of the programme and introduce future reward programmes in Reading).

Here are some of the comments received so far by users

'I'm more confident cycling round Reading, so more likely to do short journeys on my bike rather than drive.'  - Angela

'I attended the skills session in May and then bought a 2nd hand bike. Best thing ever! Although I have been cycling about 3 times a week (average 16 miles a week), I didn't have a smart phone until the end of July. Since then, I have been able to use the BetterPoints app, which has been really easy. Thank you for getting me back on a bike after 20 years! x' - Wendy

'I love watching my points stack up and it pushes me to cycle.' - Sammy

'Excellent programme, encourages me to cycle to work, even with bad weather.' - Sergio

So don't miss out on earning rewards and complete the survey here.

The BikeSmart Reading Team